Last week Crypto News

At the end of the week bitcoin noticeably increased and fixed in the area above $40,000, traditionally pulling the largest altcoins.
Even Elon Musk calls for buying cryptocurrencies.
In addition, ardent lovers of bitcoin are: the head of Uber, the head of Visa, the head of Apple, the head of Nvidia, the head of PayPal, the head of Airbnb, the head of Google, the head of Microsoft, the head of Mastercard, co-founder of Meta, co-founder of Apple, co-founder of Reddit, co-founder of Twitch, the head of Morgan Stanley, the head of Goldman Sachs, the head of Charles Schwab and others.
In general, cryptocurrencies have been "behaving" quietly lately, yielding to some fiat currencies in terms of volatility.

Russian crypto-exchanges

The State Duma declared about the high probability of creating their own crypto-exchanges in Russia - the country has all opportunities and resources for this.

Legalization of crypto in Ukraine

Ukraine legalized crypto this week - President Vladimir Zelensky signed the law on virtual assets.
Here are the main points of the document:
  • now all crypto exchanges will operate legally;
  • banks will be able to open accounts for cryptocurrency companies;
  • residents will be able to protect their savings with crypto, and will be able to count on government protection when interacting with digital assets.

European Parliament against the ban on mining

The European Parliament voted against the ban on PoW-mining.
In other words, the European Parliament made it clear that PoW cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, etherium, etc.) have the right to live despite the environmental damage caused by mining.

NFT in Instagram

Instagram announced the introduction of NFT support - users of this social platform will even be able to create their own tokens within the service.

Pursuit of mining in Kazakhstan

Over 100 mining farms shut down after a flurry of government inspections.

Sanctions of the Week:

  • Elliptic discovered several thousand cryptocurrencies linked to sanctioned Russian individuals and entities.
  • DEX aggregator Matcha blocked transactions from Russian IP addresses.
  • Wasabi Wallet team started blocking "questionable" addresses.