Main April cryptocurrency news

In April, the top 3 largest cryptocurrencies by capitalization synchronously fell to their key psychological resistance levels:
  • BTC below $40,000
  • ETH below $3000
  • BNB below $400
Now the situation has changed slightly - bitcoin continues to trade in the area above $40,000.

Despite the ongoing correction, investors continue to believe in the growth of the crypto market and adhere to a strategy of long-term hold on bitcoin (HODL).

The event of April 1

On that day, the 19 millionth bitcoin was mined. If you consider that there will be 21 million coins in the world - Satoshi Nakamoto decided that - then more than 90% of all bitcoins have been born so far.

European Parliament supports mandatory verification of DeFi-Wallet users

The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament voted in favor of the verification of wallet users and de-anonymization of their transactions for transfers over €1000.

The final decision on this issue will be taken at a plenary vote of the European Parliament, and then at the EU Council meeting.

The U.S. government plans to raise more than $10 billion over 10 years from cryptocurrencies as part of its upcoming regulation of the industry

Biden recently signed an executive order to do so - primarily revenue is expected to come from expanding tax reporting requirements.

(Interestingly, Russia's desires in this regard are more ambitious - it was previously reported that the Kremlin estimates annual revenue from cryptocurrency at $2 billion.)

German law enforcers announced the liquidation of the Hydra darknet market

Police seized Hydra servers and 543 bitcoins.

Hydra began its operations in December 2015 and specialized in selling illegal goods and services, later becoming the leading Russian-language darknet market after Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP) closed in 2017.

Ilon Musk's Twitter intrigues

After becoming Twitter's largest shareholder, Elon Musk made several more high-profile statements in this regard.

For example, the head of Tesla first refused to enter the company's board of directors and then made an attempt to buy 100% of the American social network to make it a global platform with true freedom of speech, but other shareholders blocked such an intention with a so-called "poison pill.

Ilon Musk also proposed adding DOGE to pay for subscriptions to the Twitter Blue service.

Cryptocurrency Mastercard

Mastercard this week announced the launch of the world's first cryptocurrency-backed payment card.

This means that Mastercard users will henceforth be able to pay with fiat funds backed by, for example, BTC in a linked wallet.

In addition, payment giant Mastercard has applied for registration of several trademarks related to NFT, Metavs and cryptocurrencies at once.