Cryptocurrency deposit

  • Login to your Cratos account.
  • Go to ‘Request’.
  • Select the ‘Crypto’ option and indicate the currency in which you are going to replenish your account;
  • Click ‘Create;
  • In the opened application for a deposit in cryptocurrency, indicate:
  • Wallet and transfer currency;
  • Check if your Cratos wallet address is correct;
  • Transfer amount;
  • The address of the wallet from which the transfer will be made;
  • After filling in all the data, take a close look at fees, timeframe and limits. (If the transaction limit is exceeded, additional documents may be required*).
  • Agree to the terms by clicking on the checkboxes;
  • Click the ‘Create’ button.
  • In the created application for a cryptocurrency deposit, review all the data;
  • Transfer funds to the wallet address from the specified wallet in the application on your side
  • If necessary, upload additional documents to the application card.
  • Click ‘Confirm’, wait until the wallet is verified successfully and funds are credited.

*The system may ask you to upload additional documents to the ‘Compliance’ column in the application card.

If you have not yet created a crypto wallet for the deposit currency, please create it on the ‘Dashboard’ page, and afterwards create a deposit application. 

Please do not send funds to Cratos crypto wallet until the specified wallet from which the cryptocurrency is being sent has been verified. You can replenish your wallet without a request, but we recommend that you do this through a request confirmed by us. If suspicious activity of the wallet from which you replenish the balance of a Cratos wallet is detected, your Cratos wallet will be temporarily frozen until the circumstances are clarified.

There are no fees for cryptocurrency deposits.