How do I deposit funds via an International Wire Transfer?

  • Login to your Cratos account.
  • Go to ‘Request’.
  • Select the ‘Wire Transfer’ option and indicate the currency in which you wish to replenish your account (EUR/USD);
  • Click ‘Create’;
  • In the opened request for a deposit with an exchange, indicate:
  • Transfer currency;
  • Cryptocurrency to exchange the transfer to;
  • Transfer amount;
  • Payment method (SWIFT);
  • Enter the details of your bank account from which you wish to replenish your account or select it from created templates;
  • After filling in all the data, take a close look at fees, timeframe and limits. (If the transaction limit is exceeded, additional documents may be required*).
  • Agree to the terms by clicking on the checkboxes;
  • Click the 'Create' button.
  • In the created application for a deposit with an exchange, review all data about the transaction;
  • Transfer funds from the specified bank account to the company’s bank details and upload the payment confirmation*;
  • Click 'Confirm' and wait for the funds to be credited for subsequent exchange.

You can track the status in the application card. Please note that Cratos does not store your fiat funds. When creating an application for a deposit in fiat funds, you indicate the cryptocurrency you want to exchange them to and agree to exchange your funds before the end of the operational day when the funds were credited (according to the User Agreement). To do this, go to the ‘Exchange’ page, in the ‘Exchange Request’ section, find the data of your request, select a cryptocurrency for exchange and click on the ‘Exchange’ button.

*The system may ask you to upload additional documents to the ‘Compliance’ column in the application card.

Please note that opening a deposit with Cratos WILL NOT transfer your funds. You need to transfer them using a SEPA order at your bank.

Fees for Cratos SWIFT deposits and withdrawals can be viewed here and depend on your account type.